Opposite Strengths Executive Coaching

Why Executive Coaching with the Opposite Strengths (OS) Model?

In Short: Relationship problems within a corporation are not only detrimental to the corporate climate but also to efficiency & growth.

My executive coaching therefore is based on the Opposite Strengths Model which attributes hindrance to personal and organizational growth to imbalance in use of strengths.

The OS model has been proven to work in many case studies since the 1960s. OS initiates a dynamic process for the executive of firstly understanding himself and then developing productive relationships with colleagues at the same and different corporate levels.

The executive invests two hours per month with a proven payoff in sustaining personal and organizational success. If the process spreads to the entire workforce via workshops, OS will become a common language of communication throughout the organization. It has been proven that the corporate culture changes positively resulting in savings many times the investment in OS. –